A home you take pride in, a haven of unconditional love, joy, trust, and safety that you and your family yearned for all these years of sadness, uncertainty, fear, and loneliness.

Are you a parent of a child with attachment issues and do you long for a loving, happy and secure family environment where everyone feels heard, loved, supported, and understood?

But is your family mainly dominated by the challenging behavior of one or more of your children?

'Healing Hearts & Saving Lives'

The Team

Hopeful Hozions Retreat

Hopeful Horizons Retreat is a 7-day intensive therapeutic program designed for families with children facing attachment issues.

The retreat provides a safe environment with 24/7 support from our internationally trained team, bringing years of experience in the field of attachment and early childhood trauma.

Under the guidance of an international trauma expert team, these camps and methodology have transformed lives for over 20 years, helping severely traumatized children transition from 'control monsters' to becoming a loving, caring and beautiful human beings. 

‘A loving home is where the heart finds its comfort and the soul find its peace’

 This is what our retreat has to offer you and your family:

  • An incredible location to escape and restore family bonds. 
  • Building trust and attachment with your child.
  • Enjoying activities and having fun with the whole family.
  • Learning about attachment and early childhood trauma's. 
  • Connecting with other parents, you are not alone in this journey!
  • A place to discover that you are worthy of a loving and wonderful family. 
  • Hope, because there is always hope for your child and your family. 

'Every RAD moment is a change to heal'

Inhoud Hopeful Horizons Retreat: 

  • 7-day  retreat
  • Full board 
  • Healthy meals 
  • Comfortable lodging 
  • Hopeful Horizon Training
  • Hopeful Horizon Workbook
  • Scientifically proven tools 
  • Bonding activities to rebuild or strengthen trust and relationships 
  • 24/7 support from a trainend and experienced international team 
  • 24/7 guidance for experienced trauma therapists 

Extra's with and after Retreat: 

  • 6 months online attachment coaching 
  • 12 months acces to Hopeful Horizon academy 
  • 12 months acces to Hopeful Horizon app, giving you acces to tools anytime, anywhere 

What benefits will you achieve from attending this retreat?  

  • Restore of improve relationships with all family members 
  • Get rest, calm you heart and mind 
  • Rebuild trust and safety in the family
  • Bring back joy and love to the family 
  • Interactions with other parents 
  • Peace and relaxation 
  • Confidence in you role as a parent 
  • Trust in the future of your child and family 

What makes this retreat unique? 


Heal your Child 

Our mission is to enhance the behavior of children by healing their brains and hearts by providing trauma-sensitive-strategies, tools, and methods. This scientifically proven method extends beyond addressing behavior through punishment or rewards. You will delve deeply into working on your child’s brain, body, and heart. We use evidence-based practice tools and methods that have been successfully employed worldwide for over two decades.

Heal your Brain 

The methodology is grounded in Evidence-Based Practice and substantiated through scientific research. The tools yield a positive impact on your child’s brain, neurobiology, and development. By employing these techniques, parents will guide their children in engaging effectively in healing, fostering a caring and trauma-sensitive approach.


Heal Your Body 

This retreat offers full board service, nourishing your mind, body, and wellbeing. The program also includes bonding activities that foster trust and joy in your family, along with providing essential daily physical movement. In an incredible setting, you will find serenity as healthy food, exercise and relaxation converge to rejuvenate and fortify your body.


Heal Your Heart 

Discover how you can heal your child’s heart by engaging in the many enjoyable activities offered in the program. Delight in a loving environment and companionship. Throughout the entire week, you can fully focus on your child’s healing journey, alone site of other parents facing the same challenges. Our team is available 24/7, providing you the support you need.


Heal Your Family 

During this retreat, you will have the opportunity to unwind and create space for the other children in your family who may often be overshadowed while coping. Learn how to transform your child into a loving individual using trauma-informed tools and bring respect to your family though compassionate leadership. You place an essential role in your child’s and family healing journey. This retreat provides the ideal environment to nurture this growth.


Heal your Life 

When your family radiates joy, warmth, and safety, your home will become a welcoming haven. A place where you can gather with friends and family, where siblings can confidently bring their friends. A home you take pride in, a haven of unconditional love, joy, trust, and safety that you and your family yearned for all these years of sadness, uncertainty, fear, and loneliness.

Andere ouders over het Hopeful Horzion Retreat 

Annet, pleegmoeder 


Renske, moeder 

Margreet, pleegmoeder 


Femke, pleegmoeder
The aweseome families

2000 US / 3300 AUD

Hopeful Horzions Retreat 

Invest in the future of your family! 

  • First two family members: US 2000 / AUD 3300.
  • For each additional family member above 3 years old: 600 dollar 
  • A deposit of 500 dollar secures your spot.
  • Limited spots available, so action now! 

Hopeful Horizon Retreat 

Locatie: Perth

Datum: 18 t/m 23 februari 2024

Note: Anyone  closely involved in your child's care is welcome, such as grandparents, siblings, other primary caregivers. Other professional care providers surrounding your child are also warmly invited, ensuring that you can embark on this transformative attachment journey with a strong support network in place. 

Esther Groenewegen 

As a mom with a daughter with RAD, i understand what it is to raise a child with special needs and how challenging and exhausting parenting can be. 

Image this: for an entire week, you don't have to do anything other than follow this evidenced proven and wonderful program we have designed for you and your family. In addition to this, you get to enjoy the tranquility, beautiful scenery, delicious food, surrounded by other families who truly understand what you're going through. 

I will be there throughout the entire week to answer all your questions.  It is my mission that you will leave this retreat with renewed hope, energy and a regained peace of mind. Know you are not alone, and that you child challenges are not a reflection of who they are, but a reflection of the difficulties that they are facing. Healing hearts & saving lives. 

Ik zal zelf de hele week aanwezig zijn om al jouw vragen over hechting en trauma en lastig gedrag te beantwoorden. Mijn doel is dat jij aan het einde van deze week met hernieuwde hoop, energie en rust naar huis gaat. En weet dat je er niet alleen voorstaat en dat jouw kind niet lastig ís maar het lastig hééft en dat dit niet jouw schuld is! 

Hechte groet, 

Esther Groenwegen

Als Hechten Niet Vanzelf Gaat 

Website: www.alshechtennietvanzelfgaat.nl 

Email: info@alshechtennietvanzelfgaat.nl 

Telefoon: 06 – 21 88 15 33 

Reimbursement Options

Voor entrepreneurs: the investment of this retreat may potentially fall under the categories of preventive care, prevention coaching, or training. This could make the investment of this retreat [partially] deductible. Contact us for more information . 

For employees: inquire with your employer if [part of] your stay could be reimbursed under the catagorie of the employee benefits of the prevention budget. 

Other reimbursements: Check with your municipality, support agency, foster care, or adoption organizations to see it there are possibilities for [partial] reimbursement of this retreat. 

if you are unsure whether you qualify for any of the above reimbursement opportunities, feel free to reach out to us. We can provide you with more information about potential reimbursement opportunities and how we can support you. We're here to help and answer your questions